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The Quantum ionics, "VIAS" (Vertical Ionic Acceleration Systems) Electrocoagulation is the distinct economical and environmental choice for meeting water treatment discharge standards and compliance requirements.  Recover capital and operating costs by eliminating discharge fees and fines, harvesting resources, and significantly reducing water replacement costs.


The The Quantum Ionics, Inc. "VIAS" technology efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants with a single system.  Traditional water treatment usually requires a different type of equipment to remove bacteria, silt, pesticides, heavy metals, and oil from water.  The broad-spectrum treatment effect available with Quantum ionics, Inc. "VIAS" allows one system to remove multiple contaminates at a single contaminant equipment cost. It also saves space, and time.  The result is wiser use of financial resources, better health, and a cleaner world to enjoy for our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves.



Quantum Ionics, Inc. has developed portable bench scale "VIA" units that are suitable to demonstrate the advantages of "VIA" Electrocoagulation on a potential clients own waters right at the clients treatment site. If you would like additional information and/or a demonstration of the Electrocoagulation process on your waters, please contact Quantum Ionics, Inc.


Chromium Water- Before/After



Meat Rendering Plant



Steam Cleaner Wastewater



(Cargo Van Wash water - Before/After/Filtered)



Electrocoagulation Capabilities

bullet Removes heavy metals as oxides that pass TCLP
bullet Removes suspended and colloidal solids
bullet Breaks oil emulsions in water
bullet Removes fats, oil, and grease
bullet Removes complex organics
bullet Destroys & removes bacteria, viruses & cysts



Electrocoagulation Benefits


Meet Discharge Requirements


Reduce Sludge Volume


No Chemicals 


Process Multiple Contaminants


Process Waste Streams with up to 5% solids.


Harvest Proteins, Oils, and Metals

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