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Bank charges & cheap currency

Millions of Americans suffer from an expensive ‘holiday hangover’, with almost a fifth of travellers admitting they will still be paying off their 2021 summer holiday next year. If you don’t want this to happen to you, here are some tips on how to enjoy your holiday on a budget.

Bank charges & cheap currency

The latest survey by comparison in Internet reveals that only 39% of those surveyed believe that what they paid for their holiday was “money well spent”; with 13% considering that they spent “too much”.
If you want an enjoyable holiday on a reasonable budget, follow these tips:

Go for holiday packages: Trust travel agencies. They have deals with the most popular destinations to find the cheapest and best packages for you. If you book a car, flight and hotel together, a package holiday will probably be the best all-round deal. It also will save you lots of time searching for the cheapest prices on the internet.

Cheap foreign currency: don’t wait until you arrive at the airport of your holiday destination to exchange your sterling into foreign currency, you will probably have to pay over the odds! Exchange the money before leaving.
Even using your own credit or debit card will also be cheaper than withdrawing money from a cash point. Travel money cards are a great idea in these circumstances. These are prepaid cards with no charges for foreign transactions or for withdrawing cash abroad.

International calls: Even if your flight and holiday package is the cheapest, that could end up counting for little if you spend unnecessary money once you are there. Using our mobile phones abroad is one of the ‘little surprises’ that hit us once we get back home and receive the phone bill. International communications are very expensive, so make sure that you check with your provider over the prices that you will pay. Using an international SIM card is a very good way of saving money!

Going somewhere nice ? Want to make sure you get the best deal for it ? Save some money booking your holiday so you can spend more whilst your there. Here’s some handy tips on how to save money booking a holiday:

1. The Travel Agent V Online
Popping into your local travel agent for some quick and easy cheap holidays may soon be a thing of the past. Going online you can scour the internet for hours if not days looking for the perfect customized and cheap holiday. If you have the time, it’s well worth doing otherwise you could end up paying more for letting the travel agent sort it out for last minute. Getting flights and hotels separate can be great if you’re using low cost airlines such as easyjet and ryanair. Book well in advance to get some seriously cheap flights and hotels. However, online holidays are not always the cheapest and Travel Agencies should not always be ruled out.

2. Currency
Getting the right currency with the best exchange deal is a tricky thing to find whilst you’ve got all the packing and insurance and arranging of someone to look after the cat to sort out. Most banks do offer their own currency service whereby you can buy with them, however it varies from bank to bank. Never buy currency at the airport unless you have to. The airport is a very expensive place to pick up currency as it’s your last port of call before seeing the country without any cash, they charge some extortionate rates. Credit cards often charge transaction fees whilst paying for purchases abroad and most debit and credit cards charge ATM withdrawal fees too.

3. All Inclusive Holidays
All Inclusive Holidays can be a really good deal if you plan on going away for a week or 2. Sometimes all inclusive package holidays can work out much cheaper than individually selecting flights, hotels, paying for food and drink. If you’re brining along sports equipment and or need airport transfers , some all inclusive holidays factor this in, meaning you don’t end up forking more for those hidden costs.